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According to the airline, 3 people test positive for Covid-19 after taking a delta flight from Atlanta to Albany

Flight 4815 departed on July 6, announced a dismissal of the Ministry of Health of the Rensselaer district. The passengers were not symptomatic on the flight, but showed symptoms on July 7th. “We have been alerted to three customers who have tested positive for Covid-19 and recently traveled from Atlanta to Albany with Endeavor. We are following the instructions of …

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Coronavirus: United Airlines to employ up to 36,000 people

Image rights Getty Images According to United Airlines, up to 36,000 of its employees could be on vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic. That is almost half of the company’s US frontline workforce. “During this crisis, we were honest and direct with you about our need to align our workforce with the travel needs,” it said. The airline expects capacity …

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The police publish recordings of people interested in the death of a child

Investigators released surveillance videos on Tuesday of a man questioned about the death of an 8-year-old Atlanta girl on July 4. Secoriea Turner was killed on Saturday night after armed men opened fire on her mother’s SUV when she tried to turn around in a University Avenue parking lot. The fatal shots were fired at Wendy’s, where Rayshard Brooks was …

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Trump CFPB enables payday loans to people who cannot repay

WASHINGTON – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a final regulation on Tuesday that makes it easier for lenders on payday to lend high-yield loans to people who may not be able to repay them. The CFPB rule overturns an Obama-era requirement that payday lenders must first check whether someone who takes out a loan can actually afford the repayment. …

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