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Sound waves replace human hands in Petri dish experiments

Three proof-of-concept experimental set-ups using acoustic tweezers in petri dishes. From left to right a standing pattern for sorting, a whirlpool for concentration and high-frequency beam-like waves for concentration and stimulation. Photo credit: Tony Huang, Duke University Mechanical engineers at Duke University have demonstrated a number of prototypes for manipulating particles and cells in a Petri dish using sound waves. …

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Prisons and Corona Virus: US prisons and prisons turn into “petri dishes”. The deputies also get sick

At least 251 prisoners and 150 employees – mostly MPs – at Cook County Prison tested positive for coronavirus, the county sheriff’s office said on Wednesday. One inmate who tested positive for the virus has died and at least 22 inmates are hospitalized. All over the country prisons and prisons have become breeding grounds for corona viruses. A narrow limitation …

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Alexandra Petri: And why should not Mike Pence stay with Doonbeg?

I think a better question than "Why would the Vice President stay with Trump International Golf Links in Doonbeg when his meeting was in Dublin?" Or "Why should he pay this visit out of pocket?" Is "Why should anyone?" Do you stay at a location that was not Doonbeg at all times? Consider the facts. Doonbeg is a paradise on …

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Scientists Successfully Build Neanderthal Minibrains in Petri Dish

Researchers have long searched for clues to one of our next evolutionary relatives – the Neanderthals. Our now extinct relationship has shifted from an assumed earlier form to a close cousin to … well, still a close cousin, but one we've come a bit too close to. Yet, although a good portion of scientists studying the subject consider Neanderthals and …

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