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USA charged with “modern piracy” after masks were redirected for Europe | World news

The United States has been accused of “modern piracy” after reportedly diverting a supply of masks to the German police and outperforming other countries in the increasingly tense global market for coronavirus protective equipment. According to the Berlin authorities who ordered the masks for the police, around 200,000 N95 masks manufactured by GM were diverted to the United States when …

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The app of the Spanish Football League has caught the interception of users in the fight against piracy

Enlarge / Football fans in Madrid on June 12, 2019. PIERRE PHILIPPE MARCOU / AFP / Getty Images La Liga, Spain's best professional football league has been fined € 250,000 for violating users 'privacy after the League's official app has activated the microphones on users' phones, reports El País. The app has spied on users to identify bars that displayed …

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5 charged with a running massive movie piracy ring

MOVIES 22:40 PM PST 12/12/2018 by the Associated Press The ring allegedly had a server in France that contained 25,000 files, including stolen films, trailers, TV episodes and audio tracks. A grand jury in Los Angeles has indicted five men allegedly operating an international piracy ring that offered hundreds of stolen films and television programs online, including Fifty Shades of …

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Nintendo sues ROM sites in massive $ 100 million lawsuits to prevent piracy, illegal emulation

With the great popularity of their retro – inspired NES and SNES Classic consoles, Nintendo seems to have more protection from their content. Nintendo has historically been known to rigorously protect its intellectual property rights. The notorious "lockout chip" or NES10 chip was implemented in the hardware profile of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to prevent third-party developers from …

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Microsoft defends the condemnation of e-recyclers against piracy

The company found that Lundgren received a confiscation order warning him that his job was not legal for the beginning. He seemed to have had a chance to go back and continue anyway. He told his co-defendant that he should "play stupid" with customs officials, for example. Lundgren went to great lengths to make the discs authentic, and evidence indicated …

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