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Had Venus, the Hellscape Planet's & # 39; Twisted Sister & # 39; the earth, once water and life?

Venus, the brooding, radiation-bombed, sulfuric acid, venomous, hellish landscape of a planet in our solar system, once could have harbored vast oceans … and actually been quite beautiful. A water-covered and life-friendly Venus may have lasted up to 3 billion years, scientists recently reported. However, this idyllic time in Venus' past suddenly ended between 700 and 750 million years ago, …

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Storms on Jupiter mess up the planet's colorful bands, as stunning images show – RT World News

Amazing new photographs give a rare glimpse into what's going on under Jupiter's swirling clouds during the storms. The pictures show how the events disturb the colorful ribbons of the planet. Radio wave images for the first time enabled scientists to look deeply into the atmospheric conditions under Jupiter's colorful ammonia clouds after an "energetic eruption" 50 kilometers below them …

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We eat the planet's last "megafauna" until extinction

People are about to guard the world's largest animals from extinction, and the main driving force is our insatiable appetite for meat. It's a terrible warning and comes from the first analysis of how humans affected the "megafauna" of the world. Over 300 species of unusually large vertebrates – including polar bears, blue whales, hippos, saltwater crocodiles, ostriches – suggest …

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NASA publishes a "turbulent" photograph of the planet's clouds

Share this story! Let friends in your social network know what you're reading about NASA publishes & # 39; s turbulent & # 39; Photo of Jupiter's Clouds NASA published a picture of the Juno spacecraft Jupiter swirling cloud belts on the northern hemisphere of the giant planet Post to Facebook Sent! A link has been sent to your friend's …

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NASA Mars lander launches with probe Red Planet's Deep Interior

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, California – NASA's newest Mars explorer is on its way to the Red Planet. The agency's InSight Mars lander today lifted (5 May) on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from a pad here at 7:05 am EDT (1 055 GMT, 4:05 am California time) and disappeared into the thick dawn Fog Later InSight is …

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