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The portable prototype of a “cold plasma” rod could destroy germs in a matter of seconds

Because the wand can disinfect both hard and soft surfaces, it could be a game changer for hospitals and healthcare facilities. While it is safe to clean most solid surfaces (including your iPhone) with disinfectant wipes, disinfecting fabric and other soft materials is not that easy. In hospitals, these are usually enclosed in special cabinets that pump in toxic gases …

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Microsoft ‘Plasmabot’ encourages Covid-19 survivors to donate plasma

Dr. Kong Yuefeng, a recovered COVID-19 patient who passed his 14-day quarantine, donates plasma to the city’s blood center in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. Barcroft Media | Getty Images Microsoft is working with a consortium of pharmaceutical companies to recruit people who have recovered from Covid-19 to donate their plasma, which could be used …

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Highest-resolution images of the sun reveal mysterious strands of boiling plasma

We are all quite familiar with the host star that sustains life on Earth, but the scorching atmosphere of the sun still contains many secrets. Now, the highest-resolution images of the sun ever recorded reveal previously unknown details of the star’s churned outer layer. And they are really incredible. The images were taken with NASA’s high-resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C) telescope …

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Uranus ejected a huge plasma bubble during Voyager 2’s visit

Uranus is undoubtedly weird. The seventh planet in the solar system, which consists mainly of water, methane and ammonia, has flipped over at 98 degrees, so that its magnetic poles alternately face the sun. And its magnetic field is oddly misaligned with the rotation of the planet, which causes it to stagger wildly. As early as 1986, the giant ice …

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Fujifilm Unveils X-Pro3 with Plasma Hardening and Hidden Screen

Fujifilm has unveiled the new X-Pro3, a mirrorless rangefinder-style camera designed specifically for street photographers and photojournalists. The optical viewfinder (OVF) has a magnification of 0.5x and parallax-correcting frame lines that allow you to put together your images with the "real world" in front of you. You can also see outside the frame so you can better anticipate the movement …

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Giant Plasma Guns Could Be the Answer to Limitless Fusion Power

Generating endless energy with zero emissions by just slamming hydrogen atoms has been a dream for decades. Now, scientists may be getting a little bit closer to feasible fusion power, thanks to a futuristic experiment and dozens of plasma guns. Eighteen of 36 plasma guns are in place on the machine that could make fusion power a reality. Those guns …

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