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The last of us 2 is still playing PS Vita

With The Last of Us Part 2 just three weeks away, developer Naughty Dog has given an expanded look at gameplay during a new State of Play live stream. In the game sequence we got a look at an interesting Easter egg: an NPC hanging around with a PS Vita in hand. The game is said to take place decades …

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What is Animal Crossing and why is everyone playing it?

I’m confused! William West / Getty Images There are many things that confuse me today. Among them is why everyone is obsessed Animal crossing: new horizons. The game was released on March 20 as the latest installment in a series of Nintendo games released in 2001. I never heard of it back then Game change;; Now everything seems to be …

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Michael Jordan showed no mercy playing sons in basketball

Michael Jordan was a notorious competitor on the pitch who was always looking for an edge no matter how small. The six-time NBA champion was the same at home, urging his kids to do their best. He didn’t make it easy for them in basketball either. “He would treat us just like any other basketball player he played,” said one …

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Trader asks the famous “Big Short” investor for some tips on playing on the stock market and he actually got an answer

Sometimes Twitter delivers. Of course, a random account doesn’t often get a response from someone with a recognizable name on Wall Street. Ask Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos for some insight. However, it does happen from time to time. Well, Michael Burry is not an oracle of Omaha in terms of recognizability, but he was enjoying a Hollywood moment when …

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Virginia Teen gets stuck in the washing machine while playing hide-and-seek

A Virginia teenage boy laughs well after a bad decision during a family hide-and-seek game required the fire department to be rescued. Amari Dancy, 18, takes a selfie.Courtesy of Amari Dancy “We were already hiding under the bed in the closet and couldn’t go to the basement,” said Amari Dancy, 18 years old. “So I thought, ‘Oh, OK, let’s just …

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ZeRo participates in the online tournament Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while playing as … Little Mac

Pace | ZeRo was widely regarded as the best competitor to Super Smash Bros. 4 throughout the game’s lifetime before retiring from the scene. Although it appeared that he would return to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competition, this didn’t happen for several reasons. Thanks to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, online tournaments are currently very trendy – especially for Super …

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