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Why does the new Pokémon snap game look so stunning on Nintendo Switch?

The highlight of the recent Pokémon presentation was easily the unveiling of New Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. The fans have been demanding a kind of follow-up for 20 years and that’s it Finally Event. However, since the announcement, many trainers have pointed out how different it looks (in terms of graphics) the current generation of core games – …

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The encounter rates of old Pokémon games are different on different days

During 2020 the source code for a number of Pokémon Games is leaking online. As people get through the data, they make strange little discoveries, like the fact that Gen 4 Pokémon Games would apparently adjust their encounter rates on certain days, such as birthdays or anniversaries of tragic events. How Polygon reportPeople like @shinyhunter_map and @ MrCheeze_ claim to …

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Pokemon GO examining illusions step-by-step instructions

Niantic Community Day: Play Edition for Home Pokemon GO will go live in certain parts of the world right now. This means that players are starting to get their hands on the special research quest “Investigation of Illusions”. According to Niantic, this quest can be accessed via a paid ticket in the in-game shop for $ 1. Players have already …

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Pokemon Go’s first day of incense has begun – all details and times

Pokémon Released: {{Day}} / {{MonthNameShort}} / {{Year}} {{HourTwoDigit}}: {{MinuteTwoDigit}} Updated: {{Day}} / {{MonthNameShort}} / {{Year}} {{HourTwoDigit}}: {{MinuteTwoDigit}} by Paul Cotton @PokemonGoApp A brand new kind of Pokemon Go event is coming – Incense Day! For those of you who don’t know, incense is an item that draws Pokemon to your location. Incense typically lasts 30 minutes, but as part of …

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Pokemon Go’s new buddy event brings out some regional Pokemon

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced another new event for the game. Starting Tuesday, April 21, the developer will host a buddy event that will bring out rare Pokémon and offer additional in-game bonuses for a limited time. Throughout the event, Pokémon such as Alolan Meowth, Chansey, Eevee, Feebas, Lillipup and Joltik will appear in the wild and hatch from …

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Pokemon Go adding leaderboards and a special marill event

The first season of Pokemon Go’s Go Battle League is underway and soon you can see how you and other players perform. Developer Niantic has announced it will release leaderboards for the Go Battle League on Friday, April 10th. The leaderboard update will be available after the Go Battle League changes formats from Ultra League to Master League. The ranking …

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