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The Best Crossbreeding: New Horizons Custom Designs on the Internet – Zelda, Pokémon, and More – Guide

The ability to create and share your own designs Animal crossing: new horizons (or import designs from Animal crossing new leaf via the NookLink app) gave the animal crossing community another chance to demonstrate their creativity. A quick online search shows some impressive examples of custom designs that you can wear, upholster your furniture, or simply place on the wall …

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Niantic updates Pokémon GO and other titles to support indoor games – TechCrunch

Niantic, the development company behind the popular AR mobile games Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to adjust his titles to support home games in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Typically, Niantics games have encouraged people to go outdoors, explore their world, and connect with others in real life while playing. However, with the government banned and quarantined …

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Develop Linoone into an Obstagoon

Like the Sun and Moon, Pokemon Sword and Shield are introducing new forms of old Pokemons that fit the gaming region. These Galician forms are loosely British inspired – there is, for example, a Charlie Chaplin-like development for Mr. Mime called Mr. Rime. On the more British punk side there are Galarian Zigzagoon and Galarian Linoone, black and white versions …

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Modder Add Cut Pokémon to Sword & Shield

After Sword & Shield has appeared, fans can read the code of the game and, of course, one of the first things to do is the addition of some Pokémon who did not really make it into the game . SciresM of Project Pokémon has posted a video that has so far added an Omastar to Sword & Shields Pokedex …

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An Australian Pokémon game would be fantastic

We had Hawaiian Pokémon, we had British Pokémon, and after seeing this incredible fan art project by VivinkArt I'm convinced it's time for an Australian Pokémon. It all started a few months ago as a simple joke: (Yeahnah is incredibly common and powerful. Useful Australian slang disagree). "It was definitely a joke I made earlier this year that started with …

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Pokemon sword and shield controversy and "Dexit", explained

Pokemon Sword and Shield herald a new era for the franchise as Pokemon's first major video game released on a Nintendo home console. But as the start approached, the latest pair of Pokemon games was hotly debated. Throughout much of the year, the Pokemon community has been involved in a heated debate about the perceived quality of Sword and Shield. …

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