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What causes the strange hexagon of Saturn’s polar cloud?

Enlarge /. This was the view of the Cassini spacecraft over the polar hexagon of Saturn in 2014. Since Voyager 2 unveiled the unique hexagonal clouds of Saturn at the North Pole, the feature has been a mystery, and the search for a combination of the factors responsible has included both computer models and physically Modeling with things like rotating …

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Chinese farmers breed "mutant" pigs the size of polar bears – BGR

Farmers have always done their best to maximize yields, either to squeeze another row of corn into a field or to breed beefier cattle, but pig farmers in China are setting new standards. As reported by Bloomberg some pig farmers in the country have brought their animals into an almost unrecognizable state, and the young are big. On a farm …

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Arctic Ice: Polar explorers surprised by underwater discovery – & # 39; The professors surprised & # 39; | Science | news

An Arctic expedition from the University of Silesia in southeastern Poland visited the remote Polish polar station Hornsnund in August this year. The Arctic base is located on the Svalbard Islands – a chain of sparsely populated islands deep in the Arctic Circle. The expedition traveled by boat through this remote part of the world to study the effects of …

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The polar fox inspires scientists with a 2,000-mile hike in 76 days

The journey took them from Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago, located between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, to Ellesmere Island, Canada, according to research published in the journal Polar Research. Scientists from Norway The Polar Institute, which equipped the Arctic fox with a satellite transmitter, said it had undertaken one of the longest dispersal events …

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Climate change melts the polar ice cap and the navy looks north: NPR

An F / A-18 super hornet prepares to take off from USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Gulf of Alaska. Zachariah Hughes / Alaska Public Media Hide caption Caption switch Zachariah Hughes / Alaska Public Media An F / A-18 Super Hornet prepares to depart from the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Gulf of Alaska. Zachariah Hughes / Alaska Public Media …

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The moment I met a polar bear

N This prepares you for the moment when you face a polar bear. In my long career of doing nature documentaries, I found grizzly bears in Alaska and silverback mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, one of which knocked me to the ground when he thought I could threaten his family. That made it no less scary when I stood …

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