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The Note: If Trump trumps trumps

The Take with Rick Klein Staff Trump Trump is one thing. But what happens if Trump Trump really lets Trump be? This is the subject of tirades about the rape of migrants and asylum-seeking caravans, military operations on the border and outside of Syria, electoral fraud, dead DACA deals, veto threats and easy-to-win trade wars. even if nothing happened. President …

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Mueller will navigate unknown waters while serving on the Russian probe, say lawyers

Although Special Envoy Robert Mueller is still far from completing his investigation into Russia's possible interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, legal experts are already discussing the best way to end it. Interested in Russia investigation? Add Russia Investigation to stay up-to-date with ABC News latest news, videos and analysis from Russia Investigation. The public learned this week The Special …

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Trump's outgoing national security adviser: "We have not imposed sufficient costs on Russia"

President Donald Trump's outgoing National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. McMaster has accused Russia and President Vladimir Putin of "growing" confidence and "aggression" in his recent public statements as he leaves his role and makes room for his replacement, John Bolton. Interested in Trump Administration? Add Trump Administration as an interest to keep abreast of the latest news, videos and analysis …

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US military at the border would have a limited role

President Donald Trump wants to use the US military to protect the border with Mexico while the new border wall is being built. Interested in Immigration? Add immigration to stay abreast of ABC News' latest immigration news, videos and analytics. It is unclear what options can be submitted to the President Trump by the Pentagon. Under US law, however, the …

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Proposal would limit if California police could fire weapons

Interested in Sacramento Police Shooting? Add interest to the Sacramento Police Shooting to stay up to date with ABC News' latest Sacramento Police Shooting News, Videos and Analysis. Several lawmakers and the family of a 22-year-old unarmed black man killed by the police on Tuesday suggest California will be the first state to significantly curtail officers' fire officers. Legislation would …

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