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Pope Francis’ message to U.S. Catholics after the murder of George Floyd

Vatican City – Pope Francis called George Floyd twice and offered support to an American bishop who knelt in prayer during a protest against Black Lives Matter. The black and white cardinals have spoken about Floyd’s death, and the Vatican’s communications juggler has been moving at full speed to draw attention the cause he now represents. Under normal circumstances, Floyd’s …

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Coronavirus recovery must be fair and just, the Pope says

ROME (Reuters) – Pope Francis on Sunday called for a comprehensive vision of the world after the Covid 19 crisis, saying that without continuing global solidarity or excluding sectors of society from recovery would lead to an “even worse virus”. The Pope left the Vatican for the first time in more than a month to attend mass in an almost …

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Corona virus live updates: Pope Francis will hold the Easter mass live stream while the countries weigh the locks

新 冠 病毒 疫情 最新 最新 Countries around the world weigh the costs and benefits of reopening society. The coronavirus pandemic continued Worldwide attack on Sunday with more than 1.7 million known cases worldwide and at least 108,000 deaths. But even if some countries join the list of those with broad lock orders and others maintain or extend large shutdowns, …

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Pope Francis prays to empty the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square

How Easter is approaching, pictures of an empty Friday mass in St. Peter’s Basilica paint a strong portrait of the Vatican, which was affected by the corona virus together with the surrounding Italy. During the rain-soaked prayer of Urbi and Orbi, Pope Francis stood under a canopy as he served an empty St. Peter’s Square. The Pope compared the coronavirus …

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