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Daniel Radcliffe and other top stars read “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

Daniel Radcliffe, who portrayed the magician with glasses in all eight films, is one of several celebrities who read “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” to entertain us while we stay home about the coronavirus pandemic. The 30-year-old Radcliffe started “The Sorcerer’s Stone”, also known as “The Philosopher’s Stone” outside of the United States, by reading the first chapter entitled …

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Harry Potter fans can spend $ 75 a year on a new subscription

For $ 74.99 per year (£ 59.99), Harry Potter Fans can receive a new video series, discounted merchandise, special events, and all seven books in the main series. The Warner Bros. and Pottermore offering is a premium extension to the Wizarding World app launched in August. It's called Wizarding World Gold. A quick look at the offers from Wizarding World …

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Bill Gates talks to Harry Potter about Steve Jobs – Quartz

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is famous for his book recommendations. Therefore, it is not surprising if he makes a literary reference. Surprisingly, Harry Potter is one of Gates' work references, and today he calls himself a "little wizard" in a discussion about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who calls Gates a "sorcerer." had hypnotized everyone else. Bloomberg reports that in …

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What Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Could Learn From Pokemon Go

Share. Here's our our-hard Pokemon Go fans think Wizards Unite could learn from Niantic's biggest hit. By IGN Staff Although Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is being developed by Pokemon Go developer Niantic's flagship catch 'em all game. Here they are, from three die-hard Pokemon Go players on the IGN staff. Make Our Collection Useful While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite shares …

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Now Available for iOS and Android

parts. Someone has cast Alohomora on the game. By Matt Purslow Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has finished its beta phase and can now be downloaded in select regions on Android and iOS devices. This means that the game was unlocked one day earlier than planned. Earlier this week, developer Niantic announced that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released on …

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Harry Potter: Release date announced for Wizards Unite

By Jessie Wade The release date for the upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite mobile game was announced on June 21, 2019. The announcement came from an exclusive event in Los Angeles during which Niantic CEO John Hanke published details about the upcoming game and was later confirmed on Harry Potter's Wizards Unites Twitter . The worldwide launch of Harry Potter: …

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