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. 9 Circuit Rules The DOJ can give preference to cities that use money to fight illegal immigration

The City of Los Angeles sued the Department of Justice for failing to receive funds from the Community-Oriented Police Services Grant Program, which aims to build trust-building initiatives between communities and law enforcement agencies. Los Angeles chose to focus on "building trust and respect" and did not mention illegal immigration in its application because of its policy as a city …

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Fox News poll: Biden, Sanders highest Democratic preference

With so many Democrats running for presidency, the race feels like a March Madness class. In this case, the No. 1 seeds would be former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. According to Fox News's latest poll it would be desirable to beat President Donald Trump in the 2020 final] Click here to read the full results …

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Neuroscientists identify brain regions that seem to be related to preference decisions

At holiday buffets and pottloks, people quickly realize what dishes they should try and how much they want to eat. The neuroscientists at Johns Hopkins University have found a brain region that seems to be strongly associated with such preferences. Researchers working with rats found robust neural activity related to food choice in a previously overlooked part of the brain. …

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