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Manafort study to provide information about Mueller probe evidence

by Eric Tucker and Chad Day | AP 30. July at 1:03 am WASHINGTON – The trial of President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman will open this week with tales of lavish spending, secret shell companies, and millions of dollars of Ukrainian money flowing through offshore bank accounts the pocket of the political adviser. What is probably missing: Answers about …

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NASA's Parker Solar Probe and the weird casing of the hot Corona

Artistic concept of NASA's Parker Solar Probe. The spacecraft will fly through the solar corona to track how energy and heat move through the star's atmosphere. Credits: NASA / Johns Hopkins APL There's something mysterious about the sun. Despite all logic, its atmosphere gets hotter as it moves away from the glowing surface of the sun. The temperatures in the …

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Parker Solar Probe and the weird case of the hot corona

Most of what we know about the corona is deeply rooted in the history of total solar eclipses. Parker Solar Probe will fly through this region looking for clues to the sun's behavior. This photo was taken in Madras, Oregon, during the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center / Gopalswamy There is something …

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NASA shows how their groundbreaking Parker Solar Probe "touches the sun"

Not only is the Parker Solar Probe one of NASA's most ambitious missions, it also seems to defy logic. The spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch this summer, will enter the solar corona and travel through materials with temperatures in excess of one million degrees Fahrenheit. So, why will not it melt? Parker Solar Probe will begin NASA on August …

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The story behind Google's secret offer to install Android Probe

The European Commission's Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, imposed the biggest penalty in the history of antitrust enforcement against Google last week with a fine of 4.3 billion euros ($ 5 billion). That did not have to be that way. [19659002] A year ago, when the company – already hit by another EUR 2.4 billion fine in another EU case – …

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NASA describes why Parker Solar Probe will not melt? |

<! – -> NASA // July 21, 2018 <! – -> ABOUT VIDEO: NASA's Parker Solar Probe is heading toward the sun. Why will not the spaceship melt? (NASA) – This summer NASA's Parker Solar Probe will launch closer to the sun, deeper into the sun's atmosphere than any mission before it. If the earth were at one end of …

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