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Did you receive the desired PSN name?

Or are you taking your original to the grave? I've been asking about the ability to change my PlayStation Network ID for so long, but you would not know, now that the time has come. I hold myself back. From nowhere I had second thoughts. Yes, in certain PS4 games, there are persistent issues as you go through the process, …

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PS4: How to Change Your PSN ID

It took a long time, but Sony has finally introduced the coveted PSN ID change function. PS4 owners now have the ability to change their PSN IDs as often as they want, either through the console itself or through a web browser. The process works as follows: If you change your PSN ID for the first time, it will be …

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PS4 PSN ID change feature causes problems with these games

PlayStation fans are thrilled that the coveted PSN ID change feature is available on PS4. Changing your PSN ID is free for the first time. Each subsequent change costs $ 10 / £ 8, while PS Plus subscribers receive a $ 5 / £ 4 discount. The news is good, but there is a catch: Not every PS4 game may …

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PSN ID changes are finally coming to PS4 this week, Sony confirms

Sony has confirmed that the frequently requested PSN ID change feature will be very soon for PS4 users. Players in North America can change their IDs as of today, April 10, while in Europe this will be possible from tomorrow, April 11. "We're pleased to announce that PSN's online ID change feature is officially available to all PlayStation 4 owners …

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PSN Failed: PS4 Server Status Because Apex Legends Reports Problems Gaming | entertainment

PSN users confirm problems with the use of PS4 core services this evening. PlayStation players report issues with the party system in most games, including Apex Legends. It is unclear what the problems of tonight or how long the current problems cause failure can persist. Error messages displayed by PlayStation Network users include alerts about joining party chats. "You have …

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