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Suicide bombings in Parkland illustrate the long-term psychological effects of mass shootings

The events show the long-term effect of shooting at school. "Parkland survivors have been heroes since the tragedy, but the death of these students is a sobering reminder that they are not only young advocates, but victims of traumas and survivors of violence," said Micheal Anestis, more extraordinary Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi and co-chair of …

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Mars mission OFF? People CAN NOT deal with psychological challenges, experts warn science | news

Space agencies like NASA believe that when technology is ready, humans will move to Mars and begin colonization. However, some experts are not just warning about technological complications that people are encountering in their attempt to reach the Red Planet. The biggest hurdles that people have to overcome will be psychological, experts say. These include the prospect of crews not …

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Hillary Clinton: Populism is psychological desire for a dictator

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said right-wing populism in the U.S. and Europe is referring to some people's psychological needs for a dictator. While Mrs. Clinton did not mention President Trump in that part of her interview, she didubled down on the recent Democratic so to speak, former President Barack Obama's "bitterly clinging to guns and religion" explanation, or …

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Researchers analyze how competitive team sports shape the physical and psychological abilities of early humans

Competitive team games, in which men test their courage against others, are spread worldwide and can have deep roots in our evolutionary past. Among the hunter-gatherers, these games allow men to improve their physical and stamina skills, assess the commitment of their team members, and see how everyone works under pressure. All of these activities suggest motivation for performing deadly …

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The Psychological Impact of a $ 11 Facebook Subscription – TechCrunch

Would you have asked to pay Facebook for removing ads to appreciate your value or annoy them even more? Since Facebook is considering offering an ad-free subscription option, there are deeper questions than how much money it could make. Facebook has the opportunity to let us decide how we compensate for social networking. But the choice does not always make …

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