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Migrant "Caravan" towards the border grows to 4K

The "caravan" of migrants heading to the US border has expanded to 4,000 – as the number of undocumented immigrants entering the country shoots up. The large group of Hondurans – many of them children traveling with and without their parents – has split into two groups, and part of them are now approaching the border between Mexico and Guatemala, …

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A woman in a possible "caravan" case accuses of discrimination

Now, separated from her children, she shoots back, claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions discriminated against her by discriminating her. The woman in the middle of the archive, Olga George, told Border Patrol agents she wanted to seek asylum because she was a victim of domestic violence, according to the court, which was filed by her lawyers to her Dismiss …

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"Caravan" migrants sway in Mexico or risk the expulsion of the USA

TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) – Hondurans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans, who have pulled the wrath of President Donald Trump to the US border in a month-long caravan, will make tough decisions on Sunday as to whether they risk being deported to cross or build a life in Mexico. A man and his daughter, members of a migrant caravan from Central America fly …

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Mexican migrants "caravan" reaches US border in Tijuana as Donald Trump, DHS warn against "asylum fraud"

TIJUANA, Mexico – About 130 Central Americans, mostly women and children, have arrived in a "caravan" asylum-seeking immigrant on the US border with Mexico, anger of President Donald Trump . Two busloads arrived in two refugee camps late Tuesday in the Mexican border town of Tijuana, just steps away from one of the most heavily fortified border strip between the …

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Migrant "Caravan" on the US-Mexican border prepares for mass crossing

TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) – Hundreds of Central American migrants from a caravan crossing Mexico have gathered in Tijuana on Wednesday to plan to cross the border, despite threats from US President Donald Trump to reject them. A Central American migrant traveling in a caravan through Mexico seeking asylum in the US watches as she pauses while traveling to Tijuana, an …

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Trump regrets Nafta, Honduras help on migrants "Caravan"

. 3 April 2018 9:51 am ET WASHINGTON-President Donald Trump Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…01&Itemid=37 On Tuesday he warned that the North American Free Trade Agreement was "in play" and threatened to end aid for Honduras and other Central American countries when an organized protest march of 1,000. Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…01&Itemid=37 Mexican asylum seekers reach the US border Caravan of People from Honduras, now traveling …

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