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Scientists invent a way to capture mysterious particles from the "dark world" in the Large Hadron Collider

A new article describes a method that allows particles from the "dark world" to be recognized directly by the Large Hadron Collider. So far, we could only perform indirect measurements and simulations, such as the dark matter visualization above. Picture credits: Zarija Lukic / Berkeley Lab After identifying the Higgs boson, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have targeted an …

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Warner Bros. Files a Copyright Claim Against a Trump "Dark Knight" Campaign Ad

"Using Warner Bros." The Dark Knight Rises score in the campaign video was unauthorized, "the entertainment company said in a statement on Tuesday," we are working through the appropriate legal ways to eliminate the problem. " CNN and Warner Bros. share the parent company WarnerMedia, owned by AT & T. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted the two-minute video titled …

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Senators present bills to stop the huge platforms that use "Dark Patterns"

The Washington Monument and Capitol building in Washington, DC, March 2019. Photo: Mark Tenally (AP) Senators Mark Warner (D-Virginia) and Deb Fischer (R-Nebraska) have passed legislation prohibiting so-called "dark pattern" tactics that are designed to trick users into giving up access to their data, Reuters reports Tuesday. Dark Patterns A term first used by the darkpatterns.org website describes everything from …

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Facebook loitering "Dark Mode" trend with a pure white surface

"Dark Modes" are omnipresent in 2019. Apparently, every app and every operating system currently implementing the energy-saving function under the sun. Although the popular messenger app gets an update for the dark mode, Facebook itself seems to be against the trend. The world's largest social network is currently testing a completely white version of its Android app. First by XDA …

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China lands on the "dark side of the moon" for the first time and overshadows anniversaries of previous US exploration world news

A Chinese spacecraft landed on the other side of the moon Thursday, State Media said. Lunar researcher Chang # 4 landed at 10:26 local time, Chinese Central Television said in a brief announcement at the top of his noon news program. The other side of the moon faces the earth and is relatively unexplored. It is also referred to as …

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