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6ix9ine Changes the Instagram profile photo on a rat trap

6ix9ine has changed his profile picture on Instagram to a comic illustration in which he sits on a rat trap, smiles and eats cheese. On Wednesday evening (April 8th) he also updated his biography and read: “Why does everyone call me a snitch? I miss something …?” You can see what his profile looks like now, along with a high-resolution …

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Increase MS treatment as scientists reverse the aging process in rat brain cells

The brain, like muscles and joints, stiffens with age. New research shows that increasing brain stiffness with age leads to a brainstem dysfunction that is younger, healthier, possibly affecting the future treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (Cambridge University) team at Wellcome-MRC studied old and young rat brains to understand the effects of aging stiffening of …

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Ninja Rat Drop Kicks Deadly Rattlesnake in an epic slow motion video

In the dark desert outside of Yuma, Arizona, a showdown is imminent. A kangaroo rat leafs through the sand looking for a midnight snack with creosote seeds. At a distance of five centimeters, a poisonous sideman is hungry, waiting for his handsome boy to take just one more step. The duel is over faster than you can blink. The snake …

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