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This red light means “going” for medical discoveries

Hui-wang Ai (PhD) and Shen Zhang (PhD) from UVA have developed a simple and effective improvement on the fluorescent “biosensors” widely used in scientific and medical research. Photo credit: University of Virginia With a small change to the color palette, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have made it easier for scientists to understand biological processes, track …

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PSG-Manchester United hits: Marcus Rashford gives Red Devils a huge win at the Champions Legaue opener in Paris

Marcus Rashford was again the hero in Paris for Manchester United. The English striker scored a dramatic late winner when United beat Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 in the Champions League opener on Tuesday. It was a game where the goalkeepers largely dominated until Rashford’s magical moment in the 87th minute to cement the surprising goal line against last season’s runner-up. Surprising …

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Red Dead Online is getting a cool Halloween pass

red dead On-line gets scary for Halloween with a new season pass. The purchasable upgrade starts today and runs until November 16th – who said the scary season had to end right after Halloween? – and includes multiple rewards in 20 ranks, including a sick machete, creepy photo studio backgrounds and a gothic theme for your moonlight bar. Some rewards, …

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Two planets orbit a red dwarf

Credit: Unsplash / CC0 Public Domain Red dwarfs are the coolest kind of star. As such, they may allow liquid water to exist on planets that are near them. When looking for habitable worlds beyond the limits of our solar system, this is a great advantage: the distance between an exoplanet and its star is a crucial factor in its …

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