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Google Pixel Buds 2 is updated regularly

The Google Pixel Buds 2 receive updates in the form of “feature drops”, similar to how pixel smartphones receive updates. This should allow the company to keep the headphones up to date with new things to satisfy users with their relatively expensive earbud purchases. Google Pixel Buds 2 Google’s first real wireless earbuds The Google Pixel Buds 2 cut off …

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Play Pokémon regularly because a child can activate a special region in your brain, the study says

If you invest hours and hours in games such as Pokémon Red and Blue during your childhood, your brain may have created a small region devoted to the memory of Pikachu and the gang. [19659003ForscherderUniversitätStandfordhabenentdecktdassErwachsenediealsKinderausgiebigPokémon-SpielegespielthabeneineRegiondesGehirnshabendiepositivaufBilderderCharakterederSeriereagiertDieStudiepräsentierteBildernvonPokémon-FigurensowohldenjenigendiedieSpieleregelmäßigspieltenalsauchdenendiekeineKenntnisvonderSeriehattenundesüberraschtnichtdassdieGehirnenormalerSpielermehrreagierten What is However, it is surprising that the same area of ​​the brain was exactly each participant that has been activated during the test. In …

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Google to ask OEMs to regularly release security patches technique

Google introduces new security policies that require Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to periodically release security patches for Android devices. Most OEMs release updates to a certain extent, mainly to help users feel safe on their device. However, the updates are still completely optional in the long run, 9to5Google reported on Friday. "We've been working to integrate security patches into our …

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