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Iron Mountain: This 7.4% High-yielding REIT is a Strong Buy – Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM)

Coproduction of Dividend Sensei. There's nothing better when the winning season delivers great high-yield REITs trading at rock-bottom prices. The short-term obsession of the market with quarterly results rather than the long-term picture generally represents some of the best opportunistic buying opportunities of the year. This is what is currently happening with Iron Mountain ), one of my favorite highs. …

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The Mall REIT Conundrum | I am looking for alpha

Most of the time I drive past my mall every day on my way to work, and it's a constant reminder that Darwinism is alive. Charles Darwin wrote in 1882: "This preservation of varieties that have an advantage in structure, constitution or instinct, I have received during the battle for life. I have called natural selection. " The survival of …

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Icahn sells Tropicana in $ 1.85 billion deal to Eldorado, REIT

16. April 2018, 7:11 AM EDT Eldorado Resorts Inc. and the Real Estate Company Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc. team up to buy the casino operator of Carl Icahn [19659005] Tropicana Entertainment Inc. for 1 , $ 85 billion in cash, leading to a wave of consolidation in the gambling industry. Gaming & Leisure will pay 1.21 billion dollars for …

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