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iPhone 12 leak reveals surprise on release date

If you are getting whiplash from all the iPhone 12 release date rumors, we don’t blame you. Because there is another new report that contradicts something we heard earlier in the week. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac), “the non-Pro iPhone 12 models could go on sale before the Pro versions.” This comes from the same report that …

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Oakland A’s release statement after bank coach Ryan Christenson appears to be making a racist gesture in the dugout

Now watch: Tiki and Tierney: Those who violate MLB’s COVID-19 protocols will be banned for the season (2:15) Oakland Athletics bank coach Ryan Christenson made an official statement on Thursday after apologizing after a video was broadcast in which he raised a stiff arm above his head after A’s 6-4 win over Rangers one Nazi salute before bumping into the …

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Metal Gear Solid 5 PS3 players have achieved total nuclear disarmament 5 years after their release

In Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain there is a cutscene that is only triggered when your server reaches complete nuclear disarmament – that is, nobody on your gaming platform has or develops nuclear weapons on its Forward Operating Base. It’s a cutscene that requires global collaboration to unlock it – and now, five years later, a group of players …

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Universal, AMC enables early release of theatrical releases on Premium VOD

Universal Pictures and AMC Theaters have put aside a bitter feud and signed a multi-year contract that will allow the studio’s films to premiere on premium video-on-demand within three weeks of their theatrical debut. The pact, which will certainly trigger shock waves across the entire trade fair industry, has the potential to redesign the way films are marketed and distributed. …

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Microsoft plans to release a number of optimized apps over the life of the Surface Duo

For mature smartphone companies, the software package that comes with the launch of a handset is usually an integral part of the device’s sales pitch and generally does not change significantly over the handset’s support lifespan. Examples include the 3D scanner software from Samsung, which was supplied with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, for example, or the pen-optimized video editor …

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Microsoft Xbox Xbox X release date specified

During a recent earnings call, Microsoft hinted at the Xbox Series X release date and apparently confirmed that the next generation console will be released sometime in November. During the call to win, Amy Hood, CFO of Microsoft, was asked when the new console would arrive. In response, Hood reportedly said “November vacation.” At the time of release, Microsoft hasn’t …

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