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Hamilton actor Javier Munoz reminds fans that two members of the original cast are missing

Hamilton actor Javier Munoz reminds fans that the filmed stage production by Disney Plus lacks two members of the original cast By Brian Gallagher for Dailymail.com Released: 20:17 EDT, July 5, 2020 | Updated: 21:29 EDT, July 5, 2020 The filmed stage production by Broadway sensation Hamilton made its debut this weekend in the Disney Plus streaming service and featured …

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The finale of the Modern Family series reminds us why it changed history – and why people stopped taking care of it

B.y virtue of his name, Modern family would always have an expiration date. The Snarkier and the Snootier could make fun of the fact that the date came and went years ago. But a historic swath of viewers happily rode the show into the sunset, which officially came on Wednesday evening after 11 seasons and 250 episodes. Of course, these …

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BenFred: Martinez & # 39; s health problem reminds cardinals of their fragility | Ben Frederickson

It was said that these are flu-like symptoms, then a breathing problem and then a combination of asthma and allergies that seem to be triggered by altitude. What exactly brought cardinals closer was Carlos Martínez, more or less nailed at the start of the Monday match against the Nationals, although Martinez always seems to have at least a small margin. …

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Fighter Crash reminds us that our troops are always in danger

The Wednesday crash of a Navy F / A-18E Super Hornet in California on a "routine training mission" with the pilot dead and seven injured lying on the ground has already disappeared from public consciousness. It should not have, because this incident should serve as a reminder. As this crash is being investigated, one thing must be said: This pilot …

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The beautiful, pink Hubble photo reminds you daily that space is super cool

Space is huge and full of darkness. But there is beauty everywhere, as Hubble always reminds us. Take this newly-shared image of NGC 972, a spiral galaxy discovered in 1784 by German-British astronomer William Herschel, 70 million light-years away, but it definitely makes a good photo. The image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and as you undoubtedly have …

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