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Maria Ressa, Duterte's critical journalist, is arrested again in the Philippines

Maria Ressa, co-founder of an online news startup criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, was arrested a second time as the Duterte government intensified its campaign against a news agency that has been sharply criticized for its government , The recent charges against Ms. Ressa accuse her and members of her Rappler news agency of violating laws that affect …

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The arrest of Maria Ressa means more problems for press freedom in Asia

Rappler's Reputation Despite frequent verbal attacks and obstacles by the Duterte government, Rappler is admired for his fearless coverage of the deadly war on drugs in the country and many other problems with the current administration, including the treatment of opposition politicians The arrest of Ressa was widely regarded as a warning to the press by human rights activists and …

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Maria Ressa, rappler boss, released from prison in Philippines

Ressa's lawyer paid the 100,000 Filipino peso ($ 1,915) bail on Thursday to secure her release after she spent the night in custody. Co-founder and publisher of the online news business Rappler – she became known through her tireless coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte and his brutal drug war. He delivered a passionate speech about the freedom of the press …

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Maria Ressa of Rappler arrested in Philippines

MANILA – A journalist critical of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was arrested Wednesday and wants to spend the night in detention in what are critics are calling the latest assault on the free press in the Philippines. An arrest warrant for "cyber libel" was served to Maria Ressa, head of the Rappler news site, at her office by plainclothes officers …

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Maria Ressa unveiled Dutertes drug war, now she is in jail in the Philippines

While the government was not shy about its intention to prosecute both traders and users, hard data on the number of killings were often hard to come by. An indispensable source of information for both the international media and readers in the Philippines was the up-and-coming news site Rappler, which now faces a trade-off with the government with which it …

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