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BuzzFeed Posts Old video by Tony Robbins using N-Word during the presentation; Robbins & # 39; s lawyer answers

Following Buzzfeed's news release, which the self-help guru has described as an "inaccurate, agenda-related version of the past," in which he is accused of "abusing" abuse victims and making "inappropriate sexual allegations" against women, this has been published 1980's video showing a young Tony Robbins using the N word to describe his attempts to help black viewers "gain control" over …

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Glenview's Larry Robbins says he shortens 3M shares

Larry Robbins, CEO of Glenview Capital Management, said on Monday that he would shorten shares of the industry conglomerate 3M. Robbins underscored 3M's growing litigation, which spans multiple states and concerns environmental pollution as a result of its operations. The manager added that 3M's claims have increased 87-fold since 2015 and are now putting a significant strain on the company's …

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Motivation speaker Tony Robbins apologizes for criticizing #MeToo

"At my recently held San Jose event, Unleash the Power Within (UPW), my comments did not reflect the respect I received for everything Tarana Burke and the #Metoo movement have done, and I apologize for that Having suggested something other than my deep admiration of the #Metoo movement, let me be clear that I agree with the goals of the …

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Life Coach Tony Robbins apologizes for comments on #MeToo movement

Robbins quarreled with a woman named Nanine McCool during a March 15 event, Unleash the Power Within, about how the #Metoo movement is being used. On March 25, McCool published the exchange on her personal YouTube account. Robbins was immediately confronted with a backlash. "My comments did not reflect the respect I had for everything Tarana Burke and the #Metoo …

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Tony Robbins apologizes to #MeToo founder Tarana Burke

(NEW YORK) – In the now viral video clip of Robbins' recent self-help, he is called by attendee Nanine McCool, who said she believes Robbins misunderstands the #Metoo movement. Robbins replied, "I'm not knocking on the me-too movement … I'm knocking victim victims." He added, "What you see are people who make themselves important by doing someone wrong." The motivational …

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