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Now Google's robotics lab is focusing on machine learning

Google has partnered with researchers from Princeton, Columbia and MIT to develop the TossingBot, which can learn how to put different objects in the right containers and throw them into the right containers. At his first rodeo, the mechanical arm did not know what to do with the stack of items. After 14 hours of trial and error analysis with …

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Sphero RVR's search for a niche in introductory robotics

It's now easier than ever to get started for a budding robotist by opening up a global trading hub through online commerce. There are so many robotic kits available on such a broad price and performance spectrum that making a decision about which model to buy becomes a challenging project in itself. Is there room for another product in the …

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NASA's shrinking supply of plutonium has just received a robotics boost

The US government says a new robot is ready to create a reliable and long-term supply chain for plutonium-238 (Pu-238): a radioactive material that NASA needs to explore space. NASA uses Pu-238 to power its most epic space missions – including New Horizons (now Pluto), the Voyagers (now in interstellar space), and Cassini (now part of Saturn). Because Pu-238 is …

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NASA scientists confused after the cancellation of the Moon Robotics Program

NASA draws a program that aims to land a robot on the moon. The cancellation notice comes during a change of leadership at NASA. The program concerned was canceled by the agency's managing director, Robert Lightfoot. The announcement came on the same day that the incoming NASA administrator and Trump representative Jim Briddenstine was sworn in. The program called Resource …

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NASA plans to bring robotic bees to Mars Inhabitat

NASA has announced funding for a new research effort to investigate the possibility of using robotic bees to study the Martian surface. NASA calls the concept aptly named Marsbee, and the team hopes to develop a model capable of navigating swarms through the thin atmosphere of Mars and gathering information with various sensors. "The aim of the proposed work is …

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