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Try not to roll your eyes with Matt Lauer’s new arm tattoo

Hours after Matt Lauer published a devastating farewell to investigative journalist Ronan Farrow, the repressed NBC anchor was spotted with a new tattoo that rejected “hate.” In a photo Us Weekly received on Wednesday, the former presenter of the “Today” show drives his car in New York on his inner forearm with the words “Hate corrodes the container he is …

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Even more things that saved Apollo 13, Part 1: The Barbecue Roll

Apollo 13 was supposed to be the third mission to land people On the moon. But on the night of April 13, 1970, an oxygen tank in Apollo The service module of 13 has exploded. And so the most dangerous started triumphant situation ever encountered in human space travel. The explosion crippled the Apollo 13 command module and endangered the …

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Spakovsky and Phillips: The federal court's bizarre ruling stops Indiana's efforts to cleanse the electoral roll

With presidential elections in 2020, less than a year away, American voters' registers are unfortunately no longer in shape. However, well-funded liberal organizations work to ensure that states do not clean their rolls. Her last victim is Indiana. A federal district court has temporarily suspended the state's efforts to compare its electoral rolls with those of other states in order …

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Trump administration to roll back the protection from clean water

But environmentalists attacked the repeal. "Given that many of our cities and communities are living with unsafe drinking water, it is not time to curtail the implementation of clean water supplies," said Laura Rubin, head of the Great Lakes Coalition, "Healing our Waters." The Obama Rule. Developed under the supervision of the Clean Water Act of 1972, it was designed …

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Richard Linklater is filming a Merrily We Roll Along musical in real time over the next 20 years

Boyhood Director Richard Linklater adapted the classic Stephen Sondheim musical Merrily We Roll Along in which Ben Platt, Blake Jenner and Beanie Feldstein play the lead role. But in the classic Linklater manner, he will be shooting the entire musical in real time over the next 20 years via The Hollywood Reporter . Merrily We Roll Along is a musical …

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Richard Linklater shoots the musical "Merrily We Roll Along" over 20 years – Deadline

In Blumhouse's most ambitious project so far, Richard Linklater brings Stephen Sondheim's musical Merrily We Roll Along to the screen, but will shoot the film over a 20-year period. Beanie Feldstein, Ben Platt and Blake Jenner will be the stars. The main photography was completed for the first segment of the film. Linklater has shot his Oscar-nominated picture Boyhood over …

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