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Royals say Keller, O’Hearn test positive for COVID-19

[CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY KMBC] KELLY: WE’RE STARTING BREAKING NEWS, TWO MORE KANSAS CITY ROYALS PLAYERS HAVE POSITIVELY TESTED FOR COVID-19. RIGHT-HANDED PITCHER BRAD KELLER AND FIRST BASEMAN RYAN O’HEARN. Both players say they are asymptomatic and shocked Royals say Keller, O’Hearn test positive for COVID-19 Both players in self-isolation Updated: 9:19 p.m. CDT July 7, 2020 The Kansas City Royals …

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Royals Notes: Matheny, COVID-19, Kuntz

With positive corona virus tests that dominate baseball training camp news, Mike Matheny told reporters (including MLB.com’s Jeffrey Flanagan) on Saturday that he also signed COVID-19 ”about a month ago. The Royals manager said he was fully recovered, but not without some symptoms. “We had a positive family member test, so we knew it before the test because we were …

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “didn’t seem to care” when their schedules collided with other Senior Royals Claims Expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry found themselves back in the hot chair. The couple, who are building their new base in Los Angeles, have stolen the limelight from other members of the royal family several times. And a royal expert believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “didn’t seem to care” if their schedules collided with other kings when …

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Princess Anne encourages younger royals to “get back to basics”: “Please don’t reinvent this particular wheel.”

Princess Anne, daughter of the ruling monarch Queen Elizabeth II, admitted that she is concerned that younger kings may be in a hurry to change the tradition. 69-year-old Anne, who is in 14th place on the British throne, described royal expert Katie Nicholl as “the boring old fuddy duddy in the background” for Vanity Fair’s latest issue on Wednesday. “Don’t …

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Central Notes: Pirates, Royals, Indians

By Connor Byrne | October 29, 2019 at 00:57 clock CDT Let's look at a few teams from the major divisions of the majors … One month after the end of their season, the pirates made the surprising decision Monday to dismiss General Manager Neal Huntington. There are already at least a few possible substitutions for Huntington, Jason Mackey of …

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Latest On Royals & # 39; Managerial Opening

A somewhat startling job as a manager was opened on Monday when Ned Yost announced that he would retire from his post in Kansas City after a decade. The Royals will try to occupy the position for the first time since the 2010 season in the coming weeks. Although ex-cardinal skipper and current Royals Special Adviser Mike Matheny looks like …

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