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Neptune's Moon Naiad makes crazy zigzag maneuvers to escape COLLISION – RT World News

Neptune's Moon Naiad uses some subtle choreographic moves to avoid colliding with his close partner Thalassa as the pair closely surrounds the ice giant, NASA's new research shows. Two moons confirmed by Neptune's 14, Thalassa and Naiad, are only 100 km wide. The tiny tic-tac-shaped objects circle only 1,850 km apart, but never collide. This is because Naiad, unlike our …

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Runaway Star ejected from Milky Way's "Heart of Darkness" at 6 MILLION KM / H (VIDEO) – RT World News

Researchers using ESA's satellite-supported Anglo-Australian telescope have discovered a star launched from the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way at a speed of 6 million km / h. The team headed by Sergey Koposov of the McWilliams Center for Cosmology at Carnegie Mellon University discovered the star known as the S5-HVS1 in the cranial constellation Grus …

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We need to learn how to slow down and accelerate asteroids to escape the fate of dinosaurs, Apollo 9 astronaut tells RT – RT World News

Mankind can easily learn to save lives when a devastating asteroid appears – and not by blowing it up or changing its course, the pilot of the 1969 Apollo 9 mission, Rusty Schweickart, RT communicated. "[The asteroids] orbits the Sun in the same way as Earth, but their paths occasionally cross Earth orbit," Schweickart said to Sophie Shevardnadze of RT. …

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A stunningly detailed picture shows the depths of Jupiter's massive swirling storms – RT World News

A NASA spacecraft orbiting the largest planet in our solar system has taken incredibly detailed data of its complex and powerful storms, with which a scientist has created an impressive picture of the Jupiter's atmosphere. According to the Space Agency, citizen scientist Kevin M. Gill used the measurements captured by the Juno spacecraft to create the eye-catching image. Juno's on-board …

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On Halloween, an asteroid passed between earth and telecommunications satellites, and almost nobody noticed it – RT World News

An asteroid known as C0PPEV1 just came closer to us than any known Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) on the NASA radar and passed Earth at an altitude of only 3,852 miles. It was sighted only in the early morning hours of Thursday. C0PPEV1 was first discovered by the Arizona-based Catalina Sky Survey before it was picked up by several other observatories. …

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asterisk! NASA warns that space rock, which is twice the size of the Eiffel Tower, is sinking on Earth – RT World News

The seemingly endless stream of terrestrial space rocks continues as an Apollo-class asteroid with a diameter of between 280m and 620m will fly over our planet on November 21st. The affectionately named "481394 (2006 SF6)" asteroid moves at a speed of approximately 27,360 km / h (17,780 mph) and becomes what NASA calls shortly after midnight (GMT) a mid-November " …

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