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The volcanologist rumbles in the rhythm of the earth drummer

Brittany Erickson, assistant professor at the Institute of Computer and Information Sciences, studies geophysics and is colleague of Leif Karlstrom of the UO and looks into the lava of Halema & # 39; uma & # 39; u lake in Hawai'i is Kiīlauea volcano. Credit: University of Oregon "We barely listen to the most dangerous volcanoes in the US," it …

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Tesla quietly rumbles through the jungle

In a room packed to the exits, Tesla could turn a profit, build a dealer network and change A culture around electric vehicles. "By 2020, we should have 500,000" cars sold, Musk told me at our annual Automotive News World Congress. "We just want to keep driving our volume as high as we can." Musk came as an electric "We're …

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Bali Airport opens again as the volcano rumbles

DENPASAR, Indonesia (Reuters) – The airport on Indonesia's holiday island of Bali was reopened on Friday after the ashes of a volcano had forced a brief closure and the cancellation of more than 300 flights. Mount Agung in northeastern Bali has been rumbling temporarily since the end of last year and has again thrown up smoke and ashes on Thursday. …

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Why NASA launches a spaceship to Mars to feel the planet as it rumbles

On Saturday, NASA launches its latest Mars Explorer – a robot that sits on the surface of the Red Planet and measures the wobbly world. This mission, InSight, is different from previous Mars vehicles that studied the surface of the planet. Instead, InSight will help scientists look beneath the earth's crust to learn more about the interior of Mars, and …

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