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The effects of COVID-19 are documented by satellite imagery in a new initiative from NASA, Japan and Europe

COVID-19 is not only a public health crisis, it also has a dramatic impact on the environment and the economy. Three space agencies – NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) – are using a new dashboard to show how the novel corona virus has changed the world ecologically and economically Thursday. The COVID-19 …

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Arianespace’s Vega rocket challenges SpaceX, Rocket Lab in the small satellite market

The Arianespace Vega rocket will launch on March 21, 2019 in French Guiana. Arianespace A large number of small satellites manufactured in the USA are due to launch on Saturday with a rocket from South America. This mission represents foreign competition to US missile manufacturers such as SpaceX and Rocket Lab. The Vega rocket, built by the Italian aerospace company …

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SpaceX’s one-month launch flash adds a Korean military satellite mission

Preliminary schedules show that, in addition to plans for a record-breaking month with four launches, SpaceX plans to include a Korean military satellite launch in the mix, which means the company could try five launches in five weeks. SpaceX partially released the news on June 9 when it opened media accreditation for the Korean military mission, which is scheduled to …

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The launch of the Russian military satellite creates a space junk fireball over Australia (video)

EPOS!! Check out this incredible vision that Mel Aldridge recently captured in Cashmore near Portland! We get a lot of reports. @abcmelbourne pic.twitter.com/1KuldCy6OJMay 22, 2020 Russia launched a military satellite orbit on Friday (May 22), and the mission also caused a lot of action in the downward direction. A four-stage Soyuz-2 rocket launched early Friday morning from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome …

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Surprise the asteroid EVADES Earth Protection Satellite in one of the next flybys ever recorded – RT World News

A truck-sized asteroid has passed Earth in one of the next ever recorded flybys – but none of the satellites that scan the sky to protect our planet saw the space rock coming. The previously invisible Asteroid 2020 JJ whizzed past 7,000 kilometers this week. In astronomical terms, this is an incredibly thorough shave, making it one of the next …

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Melting ice in Greenland, Antarctica shown in new satellite images

Two new satellite images show that the earth’s melting ice is perceptible from space. The new maps, published as part of a study in Science magazine on Thursday, clearly show 16 years of ice loss in Greenland and the Antarctic, viewed with NASA laser-emitting satellite images. The pictures paint a picture of rapidly melting ice along the coasts of both …

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