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Spike Lee saved my life

I was raised by a caring single mother. She did her best to prepare me for the reality of being a black man in America, but she also made sure that I knew that not every white person was a racist. Still, she was afraid of a group of people: the police. And from their son who meets them. She …

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Woman from the Chicago area who was fatally hit by the French bulldog she saved

A woman from the Chicago area was fatally injured by a French bulldog who rescued her, police said on Wednesday. The coroner from Lake County, Illinois identified the woman as 52-year-old Lisa Urso of Ingleside. According to the results of an autopsy, she died of injuries sustained in the attack, the coroner’s office said. Let our messages hit your inbox. …

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Boris Johnson, fiance, son after grandfathers, doctors who saved Boris’ life

Receive the latest news about coronavirus and more in your inbox every day. Login here. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiance Carrie Symonds named their newborn son in honor of their grandfathers and two doctors who looked after the politician when he was hospitalized with the coronavirus last month. Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson was born on Wednesday, just two …

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Apple Watch saved my life: 5 people share their stories

No one noticed that Toralv Østvang fell that night and hit his head on the bathroom floor, except for his Apple Watch. Kacie Anderson got out of her car with her watch after an almost fatal accident caught her and her 9-month-old baby inside. The only warning that Heather Hendershot had that something was seriously wrong with her body came …

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Even more things that saved Apollo 13, Part 1: The Barbecue Roll

Apollo 13 was supposed to be the third mission to land people On the moon. But on the night of April 13, 1970, an oxygen tank in Apollo The service module of 13 has exploded. And so the most dangerous started triumphant situation ever encountered in human space travel. The explosion crippled the Apollo 13 command module and endangered the …

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Anthony Fauci admits that previous efforts to contain Covid-19 had saved more American lives

“I mean, of course, you could logically say that if you had an ongoing lawsuit and started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives,” Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, told CNN’s Jake Tapper. State of the Union “asked whether social distancing and measures to stay at home could have prevented deaths if they had been introduced in February …

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