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Oculus Quest 2 offers standalone VR with sharper 90Hz screens for $ 299

According to Facebook, the Quest 2 is around 10 percent lighter than before, and it’s also a tad smaller, which should alleviate the front-heavy annoyance of the first model. There is also a new head strap based on flexible material instead of the previously rigid mechanism. The redesigned controllers also take over some cues from the Rift Touch controllers. They’re …

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In a new video, LG hints at a swiveling “wing” phone with two screens

LG has given the first public recognition for its alleged “Wing” handset, which is said to be a dual-screen device in a pivoting form factor. A teaser video published on YouTube provides information on the sliding mechanism and serves as an invitation to an announcement event on September 14th. In a separate press release, LG says the new device will …

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Minecraft fans have finally found the seed for the world of title screens

Minecraft fans have finally discovered the world seed for Minecraft’s most famous world – the map that appears in the background behind the game’s title screen. After launching a fan-driven project on June 14, 2020, players tried together to find the seed of the world – the specific sequence of numbers that creates a certain unique Minecraft world. After project …

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Report: Apple will face a $ 1 billion fine from Samsung for ordering too few OLED screens

Apple has reportedly made another payment to Samsung for selling too few iPhones. According to a new report by View supply chain consultantsApple paid Samsung a one-time payment of $ 950 million to purchase fewer OLED iPhone displays than required. Samsung stated in its second quarter press release that second quarter 2020 operating profit included “one-time profit related to the …

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Passover goes on with screens

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can Sign in here to get it on weekdays. On a last Tuesday morning at her usual time, more than a dozen women in New Jersey huddled with their rabbi – practically. Like so many places of worship, the Highland Park Conservative Temple is closed. For people celebrating celebrated holidays …

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