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Hidden in a Portuguese cave, Neanderthals with seafood

On a mountain range in West Portugal, in a cave high above the modern coast, is a remnant of the old coast. The narrow, low-ceiling grotto, located on a peninsula about 20 miles south of Lisbon, offers a varied and decadent sea menu that is enjoyed by old people – and further proof that Neanderthals weren’t the fools we had …

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Surprise discovery reveals Neanderthals who loved seafood and were excellent fishermen

Neanderthals apparently were much more interested in seafood than previously thought: new research shows this Neanderthals Communities that lived in Portugal during the last ice age were as fond of fishing as our modern human ancestors. Mollusks, crustaceans, fish, birds and marine mammals such as dolphins and seals made up half of the food of these Iberian ancients, as the …

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Neanderthals with seafood, seabirds and maybe even dolphins

Inside, she worked with João Zilhão, an archaeologist at the University of Barcelona and lead author of the study, scratching and collecting sediment. A third researcher sometimes joined the two, but never a fourth because the space was too narrow. They had widened an existing hole in the cave wall that led to the outside, allowing them to receive supplies …

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Neanderthals also enjoyed seafood, new evidence suggests

The Figueira Brava site on the Portuguese Atlantic coast.image:: P. Zilhão et al., 2020 / Science Neanderthals, who lived in Portugal during the last ice age, consumed plenty of seafood according to new archaeological evidence. The discovery suggests that Neanderthals, like our modern human ancestors, made optimal use of marine resources. According to tens of thousands of years, marine foods …

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Cave find shows Neanderthals gathered seafood, scientists say Neanderthals

Neanderthals widely used coastal environments and ate fish, crabs and mussels, as researchers found in the recent study to uncover similarities between modern humans and our tall brown cousins. So far, many Neanderthal sites have shown little use of marine resources. For example, scattered shells. Now archaeologists have unearthed a cave on the coast of Portugal and discovered a huge, …

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