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2020 Workday Charity Open leaderboard to go: Collin Morikawa shines in Round 1 of Muirfield Village

After the first round of the first Workday Charity Open, there is no shortage of storylines in Muirfield Village. One of the youngest and brightest potential stars – Collin Morikawa – on the PGA Tour holds the lead after absolutely decimating the course on Thursday at 65, and he has many fascinating pursuers behind him. Muirfield Village was another star …

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Catch Venus, which shines brightly in the night sky in late April

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) – The planet Venus is showing a show. After sitting near the moon at the weekend, Venus has the highest brightness of the year in our night sky on Monday and Tuesday (April 27th and 28th). Monday night the moon was in an increasing crescent phase and only radiated 18%. Find it and look south: this bright, …

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The brightest supernova ever seen shines twice as brightly as any other

The artistic impression of a super supernova Aaron Geller / Northwestern University Many stars end their lives in one last Supernova fire of glory, but until now we didn’t know how bright and powerful the cosmic death cramps could be. Scientists have discovered a supernova that is more than twice as bright as any other star explosion. A team from …

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See how the hunter's full moon shines bright tonight

The full moon of October, known as the Hunter's Moon, will rise tonight (October 13) and peak at 17:08. ET. The Hunter's Moon, which is the full moon after Harvest Moon and closest to the fall equinox, is the best time for deers and other animals to hunt, according to Farmer's Almanac. Leaves have fallen on northern sites, deer fattened, …

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Samsonov shines: Caps beat Islanders 2-1

The Capitals met their opponents of the Metro Division, the New York Islanders, in the opening game of the Isles. Would the caps and their netminder rookie spoil the festivities? Jakub Vrana, the overtime hero on Wednesday, was the first to dent the string in this festival. Devon Toews "scored" by passing the puck to three different capital skates. TJ …

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