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Sidney Jones: You haven’t seen anything yet

“There’s still a lot left. That’s all I can tell you. You haven’t seen anything yet,” Sidney Jones said in an interview on Thursday afternoon. Jones is entering his third real season in the NFL. He went through injuries. He was a healthy scratch. Howie Roseman said, “It’s time for him to prove it,” and Jones agrees. “Adversity creates character,” …

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Howie Roseman on Sidney Jones: “It’s time for him to prove it.”

When the Arizona Cardinals carried out the apparent raid of the century and Cardinals’ DeAndre Hopkins snapped up for David Johnson and a second round election, the Eagles fans had a question for Howie Roseman: Hey Howie, are you awake!?!? Because this deal was just too good to be true for the cardinals. You will probably be the best recipient …

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The subtle secret for Sidney Crosby's greatness

When he enters his 30s, Sidney Crosby is still on the NHL. (Patrick Smith / Getty Images) On Saturday afternoon, Sidney Crosby skated off the practice ice into the cramped locker room in the Capital One Arena, placing his black CCM stick in a rack and shaking it until it fitted. He drove a horde of notebooks and cameras in …

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