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Exoplanet the size of Saturn, discovered by the gravitational wobble in the small, cool star orbits

The illustration shows how the movement of the star around the center of gravity between it and the planet causes a “wobble” in its movement through space. The VLBA’s ability to detect this tiny effect indicated the planet’s presence. Photo credit: Bill Saxton, NRAO / AUI / NSF Astronomers discovered one with the help of the National Science Foundation’s continentwide …

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The Hajj cannot return to the size it was before COVID-19.

An elderly Palestinian sits in front of a mural on Monday depicting the Kaaba, the holiest shrine of Islam, in Gaza City in the Gaza Strip. Mohammed Abed / AFP via Getty Images I have never been on the pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims who are able to do must do so at least once in their lives, but …

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NASA will send a balloon the size of a soccer field to examine the stars

The Space Agency’s ASTHROS mission will leave Antarctica in December 2023 and spend three weeks in the stratosphere, the section of the atmosphere where the ozone layer is located. Its components include a balloon the size of a soccer field and a special far-infrared telescope that captures light that the human eye cannot see. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineers will …

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A black hole the size of a grapefruit lurking around the edges of our solar system could be Planet X – Technology News, Firstpost

FP trendJuly 15, 2020, 9:23:40 AM IST Scientists are now trying to find out whether a grapefruit-sized black hole is actually lurking on the edge of our outer solar system. In recent years, researchers have noticed a strange cluster of several transneptunical objects (TNOs) that are located in the outermost solar system. According to a report by Space.comSome scientists believe …

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5.4-inch iPhone 12 model size compared to original iPhone SE and iPhone 7

iPhone 12 dummy models based on leaked schematics are in circulation online and in online marketplaces. Not happy with the circulating size comparisons between the rumored 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and the original iPhone SE models, users of the MacRumors forum iZac took matters into his own hands and bought his own 5.4-inch dummy model to enable more detailed size comparisons …

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The fastest growing black hole with a size of 34 billion suns

The fastest growing black hole that has ever been observed has been approximated and tilts the scale to 34 billion times the mass of the sun. The researchers who estimated the weight also say that it continues to grow and devour the matter of a sun per day. In addition to these Mondo statistics, the eating monster can also help …

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