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Parliament: Singapore in the race for a small group of highly skilled professionals in demand worldwide, says Chan Chun Sing, Politics News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – A global race is under way to attract a small group of highly skilled technical professionals in areas such as artificial intelligence and cyber security. "If Singapore leans back and does nothing, we'll almost certainly be left behind." Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said on Monday (2 September). Thailand, China and France are already promoting this …

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Trump reveals the plan to "transform" the American immigration system and focus on highly skilled labor

President Trump unveiled on Thursday a long-awaited review of immigration policies that would dramatically change people's acceptance in the US and improve the system's status of admissions over merit rather than family ties. Our plan will turn the American immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world, "said Trump from the Rose Garden. …

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Employers recruit skilled workers, even if they have no vacancies

CLOSE These errors could lead to qualified applicants rejecting their offers. The Motley Fool Here's the new call for highly skilled workers hoping to get hired by their favorite company: No jobs? No problem. Given the low level of unemployment and the availability of workers seeking to fill vacancies, many are pursuing a new strategy: they have the most talented …

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Builders warn of a shortage of skilled workers following the increase in housing construction

Construction companies warn of a looming skill shortage, as new figures show that their industry continues to expand in the face of the housing shortage of the republic. Ulster Bank (PMI) Purchasing Managers Index, released Monday, shows this house Construction activity in March led to a sharp increase in activity in this sector, despite disruptions caused by heavy snowfall at …

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