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Stargazing in the ‘night sky’ without a telescope

You don’t need a telescope to become a stargazer – with the help of your eyes and even your fingers, you can enjoy the constellations, planets, nebulae and satellites that pervade the sky every night. Regas teaches readers how to use their fingers – a little finger that represents approximately one degree of sky, three fingers that represent approximately five …

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The telescope captures a stunning new X-ray map of the sky

A Russian and German telescope has completed its first full sky flight – and some stunning images have been delivered for the occasion. A new map, about four times as deep as its predecessor, captures what the universe looks like through X-ray vision. The eROSITA X-ray telescope mounted at the Spektrum-RG space observatory was launched last July and, according to …

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Sinister green fireball lights up sky over Australian outback

The greenish-blue fireball as seen in Australia in the early morning of June 15th. picture:: Shaz Hussien / Facebook A greenish-blue fireball flitted across the sky Australia last night in an event held on the ground by impressive observers. The property appeared shortly before 1:00 a.m. local time, with testimony from the Pilbara region in Western Australia, Northern Territory and …

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International space station visible in the evening sky

The International Space Station, thrown back by planet Earth, can be seen from NASA’s Endeavor space shuttle after the station and the shuttle began their relative separation after undocking on May 29, 2011. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)Getty Images When the sky is clear, the International Space Station will be visible from Greater Springfield with a low pass this …

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How to see the comet SWAN in the night sky

Even if people remain locked up on earth, the sky remains. There’s always reason to look it up, maybe now more than ever. The most recent evidence of this is the newly discovered comet SWAN, which now roams the constellation of Pisces. If you are lucky enough to live in the southern hemisphere and find fish, you can see this …

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