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Judge Jussie Smollett decides to appoint a special prosecutor

Judge in Jussie Smollett's ruling stands to his decision to appoint a special prosecutor who could possibly bring new criminal charges against the "Empire" actor. Cook County Judge Michael Toomin denied on Wednesday a request by Smollett's attorney to have the special prosecutor's facility sacked, saying the ruling was final. Retired Appellate Judge Sheila O'Brien petitioned for a petition in …

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Jussie Smollett: A special prosecutor is appointed to investigate the case and judge the rules

Cook County Circuit judge Michael P. Toomin approved the petition and asked a special prosecutor to review prosecutor Kim Foxx's decision to dismiss the charges against the "Empire" actor. The investigators claimed to have staged a hate crime against themselves. The Special Prosecutor has the authority to bring charges of a crime that he believes was committed during the investigation, …

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Jussie Smollett 911 Call From Night of Alleged Attack Released

Jussie Smollett 911 Call 'They Put A Noose Around His Neck !!!' 6/5/2019 3:43 PM PDT          Jussie Smollett did not want to call police immediately after he was allegedly attacked … at least according to a friend who did make a 911 call. On the January 29 phone call, which says Chicago Jussie's "attackers" wrapped in a noose around …

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Jussie Smollett Attorney Kim Foxx called the pressure to call herself "racist," according to documents

When Foxx stepped back from investigating a suspected hate crime in April, she said it was "a wealth of caution." Her office said the move should address potential concerns of impartiality, "based on familiarity with potential witnesses in the case." The 2000 pages of the newly published prosecutors' documents contained text messages in which Foxx shed light on the controversial …

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