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Rub some dirt on it? Soil plays a key role in blood clotting and could save lives, as studies show – RT World News

Although cleaning all the dirt from a wound has been common for centuries, the presence of soil silicates – literally dirt – triggers blood clotting, a new study says, which has life-saving effects on trauma patients. Soil silicates that get into a wound activate a blood protein that starts the clotting process in land mammals. This emerges from a study …

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Peas, Quinoa And 7 Other Crops Grown Successfully In Soil Equivalent To Moon And Mars

Matt Damon film to suggest it's possible – Experiments using lookalikes of Moon and Mars have successfully produced crops. Interestingly, the Mars-equivalent soil is better than the Moon soil simulant when it came to growing the plants – providing hope for future agriculture on the Red Planet. Although fans of spinach may miss out. Researchers used a NASA-developed reproduction of …

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Tropical soil disturbances can be a hidden source of CO2

Tropical areas like the Congo are experiencing widespread deforestation and land conversion for agriculture. Picture credits: Rob Spencer According to a recent study by Florida State University researchers, thousand-year-old tropical soils exposed by accelerating deforestation and land use in agriculture could release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Investigating 19 sites in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, researchers found …

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Researchers find carbon reserves six feet below the soil surface

November 26 (UPI) – At least one quarter of the carbon stored in the soil is in minerals about six feet below the surface. New research indicates, however, that this unique carbon reservoir will become less efficient at storing carbon through planetary warming. To better understand how increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affects the planet's climate, scientists need to …

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