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The mystery of a strange X galaxy powered by a black monster hole has finally been solved

A team of US and South African researchers has released very detailed images of the largest X-shaped “radio galaxy” ever discovered – PKS 2014-55. In particular, they have helped to remove the ongoing confusion about the unusual shape of the galaxy. The spectacular new images were taken with the MeerKAT telescope with 64 antennas in South Africa by an international …

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The secret of the missing exoplanet can be solved

(Newser) – – Has anyone seen Fomalhaut b? In 2008 we learned that the Exoplanet was pioneered by the Hubble telescope, but for some time no one has caught a glimpse of it. Now astronomers think they know why. It turns out that Fomalhaut b may not have been an exoplanet at all, but a cloud of dust caused by …

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Puzzle of 2 million year old stone balls solved

For nearly 2 million years, ancient people made stones into hand-sized balls, but archaeologists weren’t sure why. Now they know: Old people used them as tools to get the tasty marrow in animal bones, according to a new study. In other words, if a bone were a can of soup, these old stone balls would be like old can openers. …

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Mystery solved by photon impulse with Super COLTRIMS device

This is a photograph of the COLTRIMS reaction microscope built by Alexander Hartung as part of his Ph.D. thesis in the Experiment Hall of the Faculty of Physics. Credit: Alexander Hartung Physicists at the Goethe University measure tiny effect with new Super-COLTRIMS apparatus. Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for the explanation of the photoelectric effect: in its most intuitive …

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Pokemon sword and shield mystery of fans solved before the release date of nintendo switch | Gaming | entertainment

Pokemon fans have been trying to find out the identity of a brand new Pocket Monster for Sword and Shield. Nintendo, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have spiced up the release of a new Pokemon for the upcoming Nintendo set of switch releases. See the official game website for a list of all new Pokémon previously announced for Sword …

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Two mathematicians have just solved a decades-old math puzzle – and possibly the meaning of life

In Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, two programmers task the galaxy's largest supercomputer to answer the ultimate question of the meaning of life, the universe, and all. After 7.5 million years of editing, the computer gets an answer: 42. Only then do the programmers realize that nobody knew the question that the program should answer. Well, in …

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