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According to Sony, PS5 will not actively monitor or listen to your voice chat

Sony has released new details on how voice chats are recorded on the PlayStation 5 after the company was apparently flat-footed earlier this week when it released the latest software update for the PlayStation 4 system and unexpectedly caught users from the feature learned. “We did not clearly communicate this feature or explain why we introduced it, and we apologize …

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Sony Xperia 5 II review: the right tool for the right jobs

More than any other smartphone I’ve used this year, the Sony Xperia 5 II feels like a tool. Not only is it very low-key in design (though it definitely does matter), it’s also that Sony’s entire approach is to give you as much control over the phone as possible. Control how it looks and sounds, and take photos and videos. …

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With the Spatial Reality Display from Sony you can view 3D objects without glasses

3D televisions are practically dead – hence the race for glasses-free 3D devices at home. But that doesn’t mean the technology is completely useless. For example, Sony’s new Spatial Reality Display (or SR Display) uses eye tracking technology to render believable 3D objects without wearing 3D glasses or putting on a VR headset. It’s something that CG and VR artists …

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Frank Ski signs worldwide contract with Sony / ATV

“I’m very excited to be working at Sony / ATV Music Publishing,” said Ski in a statement announcing the new arrangement. “I have an incredible amount of respect for Jon Platt and the impact he has had on the industry. I am grateful to (Sony / ATV VP, creative) Mike Jackson, am inspired by his vision and look forward to …

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Sony lets PS5 owners record their voice chats and make fun of other players

Some PlayStation 4 users who downloaded the latest 8.0 update received an unwanted surprise this morning: their console told them that Sony has the right to record their voice for moderation purposes. Here are some examples: So, apparently, in case you didn’t know beforehand. But apparently the latest Sony update for the PS4, which continues to 5, will record your …

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