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The TESS spacecraft in search of NASA's planet offers a spectacular panorama of the Milky Way

NASA's Planet Hunting Spacecraft has created a spectacular panorama of the Southern Sky showing our home galaxy, the Milky Way. The Panorama contains 208 images taken by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) during its first year of science operations completed on 18 July. This celestial motion is a slightly broader view than usual for the mission, which is optimized …

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The most spectacular sky image you'll ever see

A simulation of the brightness of the HR 5183b in the night sky compared to Venus, one of the brightest objects visible from Earth. Picture credits: Teo Mocnik / UCR Contrary to previous considerations, a gigantic planet in a wild orbit does not exclude the presence of an Earth-like planet in the same solar system – or life on this …

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Stargazers in front of Spectacular OUTBURST Draconid Meteor Shower – RT World News

The Draconid meteor shower will peak in the coming days and the Earth's path through space means stargazers are about to experience spectacular pyrotechnics. Here you will find everything you need to know about the breathtaking phenomenon. The dazzling light show sets the sky ablaze from Sunday to Thursday, culminating on Tuesday when hundreds of meteors rain from the sky. …

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Antarctica: How Scientists Discovered the Spectacular Fossil That Revealed the Shock Story | Science | news

The Antarctic is of great interest to scientists because it is a completely untouched landscape where they can study the effects of climate change. Since 2006, researchers from Germany, Italy, New Zealand and the USA have drilled through ice, water and rocks in a program called the Antarctic Drilling Project (ANDRIL) to extract core samples. Her research has been instrumental …

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Watch NASA launching its Orion Moon capsule on a rocket in a spectacular safety test

NASA has successfully tested the launch abatement system for the Orion Occupation Capsule to bring astronauts to the Moon. An unmanned trial of the Orion Crew Capsule was launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on a modified Peacekeeper rocket early Tuesday. After reaching a height of six miles, the demolition sequence of the spaceship was triggered. …

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Two galaxies play tug of war in this spectacular Hubble image

NGC 4485, a galaxy that collides with its neighbor NGC 4490 and is located beyond the frame in the lower right corner of the image. ESA / Hubble, NASA As galaxies move across the Universe, they sometimes interact and even collide when they are close enough together. In some cases, we can see evidence of nearby galactic neighbors in the …

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