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The 20-year-old Tesla driver was charged after falling asleep behind the wheel of a self-driving car at speeds over 150 km / h: police officers

A Canadian man was charged after falling asleep behind the wheel of a self-driving Tesla that was traveling at over 150 km / h on a freeway in Alberta, authorities said Thursday. The July 9 incident came after authorities received a complaint that a Model S Tesla was on a freeway near the town of Ponoka, about 60 miles south …

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SpaceX: Starlink Satellite Tests Show Internet Speeds Of 100 Mbps

SpaceX says early tests of its rapidly growing fleet of Internet satellites are showing promising results. Internal tests of a beta version of the Internet service from the company’s Starlink project show “extremely low latency and download speeds of more than 100” [megabits] per second, “said Kate Tice, a senior certification engineer for SpaceX, during a live broadcast of a …

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SpaceX advertises download speeds of 100 Mbit / s and “space lasers” for the Starlink Internet

During the launch of its latest series of Internetlink Starlink satellites, SpaceX revealed key details about the capabilities of the proposed constellation, claiming the satellites had “shown extremely low latency and download speeds in excess of 100 Mbps”. The speeds are still not as high as SpaceX originally claimed for the constellation, but they are slightly faster than initial user …

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Dark Matter Tugs Massive Spiral Galaxies to Breakneck Speeds

Hubble images of three spiral galaxies, each of which weighs several times as much as the Milky Way. The bottom row shows three even more massive spiral galaxies that qualify as "super spirals," which were observed by the ground-based Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Super spirals typically have 10 to 20 times the mass of the Milky Way. Halo Whaling at …

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USB4 brings better speeds and compatibility – but loses its place in the name – TechCrunch

Organizations behind the widely adopted USB standard have released some new information on the latest iteration of the interface, and this is only good news for consumers. It's faster and offers better compatibility without having to worry about which cable or connector to use. And pedants notice: After "USB" and the number is no longer a space. USB4, as it …

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