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Identified sperm biomarker related to couples’ likelihood of pregnancy

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst say a discovery could lead to a better diagnosis of male infertility. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have identified a single-measure biomarker in sperm mitochondria DNA this can predict male reproductive health and pregnancy success. The discovery applies not only to couples caring for infertility, but to the general population as …

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Huge 100 million year old sperm discovered – the oldest known sperm

In another fascinating snapshot from the depths, an international team of paleontologists reported the discovery of specimens of a tiny crustacean that dates back to 2000 chalk (about 100 million years ago), preserved in amber samples from Myanmar. The most spectacular find is a single woman who, upon closer inspection, contains huge sperm in her reproductive tract. In fact, this …

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Scientists Find World’s Oldest Sperm in Myanmar News

A team of paleontologists discovered 100 million years ago in Myanmar the oldest animal sperm in the world, which was frozen in a tiny crustacean in a lump of tree resin. The oldest known examples of fossilized animal sperm were only 17 million years old, according to the team of experts led by Wang He of the Chinese Academy of …

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Khloe Kardashian looks fantastic in fitness equipment after sharing plans for sperm donors

Khloe Kardashian looked sensational in her latest Instagram offering. Her fabulous looks come when episode “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” showed that Khloe asked her to cheat ex-Tristan Thompson to be her sperm donor. The mother of one, 35, proudly showed off her toned body in a selfie shared on Instagram on Thursday. In her bright pink sports gear, the …

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Sperm count improves with tomato sauce: study

One tomato a day could keep the urologist away. New research suggests that male impotence with tomato sauce is unlikely to be cured. The secret of this sauce, lycopene, is an antioxidant that prevents damage to cells, including sperm. The study by the University of Sheffield in the UK showed that taking a supplement with 2 tablespoons of concentrated tomato …

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