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Man arrested with two full gas cans after entering St. Patrick's Cathedral

A 37-year-old New Jersey man carrying two full-gallon cans of gas was arrested on Wednesday night after he entered St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, police said. The man entered the cathedral shortly before 8 pm John Miller, deputy commissioner of the police department for reconnaissance and counter-terrorism, rejected him. As the man left the room, gas spilled on the …

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Man in custody after entering the St. Patrick's Cathedral with gas cans and lighters

A man from New Jersey was caught in St. Patrick's Cathedral on Wednesday evening after a walk with two jerrycans and lighters. Marc Lamparello, 37, entered the historic Midtown church around 8:00 pm. With the flammable paraphernalia, however, it was quickly intercepted by church security, said police sources. The man told the church guards that he was cutting the church …

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People are still pulling & # 39; st. Louis Style Food on Twitter

Internet 1, St. Louis 0. Twitter user Alek Krautmann's bizarre and widely nested method of cutting bagels – as if they were loaves of bread – has received the meme treatment, with countless snack bars and restaurants their share own interpretations of "St. Louis style. The posts contained images and gifs of sliced ​​hamburgers, upside-down bowls of cereal and whole …

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Tyson Foods Recalls Frozen Chicken Strips for Possible Metal Contamination – St George News

Composite image, St. George News ST. GEORGE – About 35 tons of frozen chicken strips were recalled after customers reported small pieces of metal in food. Illustration shows products made by Tyson Foods | Announced Recall Subject Image courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture, St. George News The US Department of Agriculture and Food Inspection Service announced Thursday that …

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Arizona State surpasses St. John & # 39; s

DAYTON, Ohio – St. Johns has been saying the right thing for weeks, giving away all the stereotypes about a new beginning and unlocking its potential. The march, the team said, could be his salvation. Instead, it offered a strict dose of reality. St. Johns has not been a qualified team for some time. That was obvious when it lost …

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Wall St. analyst has a bullish reputation before the IPO

Lyft has just received its first buy recommendation from a Wall Street company – and the stocks have not even started trading. D.A.. Davidson analyst Tom White initiated Lyft's coverage with a buy recommendation and a target price of $ 75. This represents a 15% premium over the mid-range price range of $ 62 to $ 68 expected at Lyft's …

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