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Ministry of State to remove Sudan from the list of terrorist states

WASHINGTON – The State Department will remove Sudan from a list of countries promoting terrorism and clear the way for the fragile government of the East African nation to seek international aid and possibly normalized relations with Israel – a diplomatic target for President Trump before the next Elections month. Mr Trump on Monday announced the decision, which had been …

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Bans in Europe are a warning to the United States

What happens: Paris has imposed an overnight curfew. In London, people from different households are prohibited from meeting indoors. The measures are an attempt to contain the rapid surge in Covid-19 cases across the continent as hospital capacity becomes an issue again. Stocks in London, Paris, Milan and Frankfurt sold heavily on Thursday before recovering on Friday. Markets aren’t fueling …

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Colorado Governor Talks About The State’s COVID-19 Immunization Schedule

Colorado Governor Jared Polis spoke on Friday about the state’s plan to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available. He held the press conference shortly after Denver introduced a tougher mask mandate and said they would put new restrictions on public and private gatherings as the city sees an increase in cases. A public health regulation effectively mandates that …

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4 states added to lower risk Massachusetts travel list

4 states added to lower risk Massachusetts travel list Updated: 1:35 p.m. EDT October 16, 2020 Massachusetts has added four more states to its list of lower risk places where travelers don’t need to fill out forms, test, or quarantine. New Jersey, Hawaii, California, and Washington were added to the Department of Health’s list. Currently, the list of lower risk …

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Simone Leigh is the first black woman to represent the United States at the Venice Biennale

Simone Leigh, a Brooklyn-based sculptor whose large-format works explore the social histories and subjective experiences of black women, will represent the United States at the next Venice Biennale in April 2022. The first African American woman to receive this award was Ms. Leigh, the most prestigious art world, by the Department of State Education and Culture on the recommendation of …

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