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Apparent Meteor dazzles states' sky observers on social media

Thousands of people saw a flash, followed by flashes of light and a long, oddly shaped cloud on Wednesday night. Around 17:45 o'clock an apparent meteor entered the earth atmosphere and presented a short exhibition. Confusion about the origin came not only from the mystically inclined but also from many rational observers who expected the launch of a Delta IV …

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The Republican Senator Confident Trump will bail back to protect the states' rights to marijuana

Sales representative Crystal Guess processed a glass of cannabis on Monday, March 4, 2013 at a medical cannabis center in Good Meds, Lakewood, Colorado, USA. (Photo by Matthew Staver / For The Washington Post) A Colorado The Republican Senator believes that President Trump will support a cross-party congressional effort to give states autonomy over their marijuana laws – although this …

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Strike on Assad for the use of chemical warfare agents that are unlikely to advance the United States' goals in Syria

Reflections on how and when to punish the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria overshadowed a deeper internal debate on the overall goals of the Trump administration, and whether a US military strike would increase or diminish its potential for success [1659002] Some officials and Experts in the region believe that a purely punitive American air strike on Syrian military …

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